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Visiting Ocean Springs Farmers Market

This was a fun find!

I actually found it on the Trip Advisor app, which I just started utilizing while we are on vacation. They have a lot of information about the different things to do and such in many areas. I also really like that others leave helpful information from their experiences.

This market in particular is open on Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The town reminded me of home, just a small and quaint town. I love to find markets like this because you always have the opportunity of meeting new people and finding new things you may have never tried. Farmers Markets may not really be for everyone since the vendors are usually trying to sell their goods making this experience kind of awkward from those more introverted but for me being married to one of the most extroverted people I know - makes events like this fun. Viviana loves to walk or be carried in her pack we have and everyone always loves to interact with her.

What we ended up purchasing from the Ocean Springs Farmers Market:

*Fresh Maple Syrup - Homemade by a gentleman from Wisconsin

*Homemade Jerky - Made by Buzz's Beef Jerky - Mike got Fire in the Hole Jerky and I got Pepperoni Beef Sticks and we enjoyed both of them.

*Candied / Pickled Jalapeños - Homemade and canned by Buff's Voo Doo Peppers - you can find him on Facebook @buffsvoodoopeppers

*Chaga Tea - Harvested and Processed by a local family - you can find that video on our YouTube Channel as it will be live soon.

Overall I would definitely recommend the stop if you are close. They also have a selection of Homemade Breads, Fudge, Fresh Produce, Dog Treats, Jam's and Jellies, Blueberry Farm Stand and more.

If you visit or have visited leave a comment below and let me know what you thought and what you got to take with you.

Links: - Note the times on here are different from the Facebook Page which is more active so I would plan for 9am.

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