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Sarasota Jungle Gardens

This stop was more for some fun family time than garden related. As we travel around here in Florida we like to take time for things that Viviana will enjoy to do. She is such good traveler and I could not be more thankful for that! We have enjoyed our trip so much already and really feel thankful for the opportunity to take some time off and spend it as a family enjoying sights and things to do around here.

I would definitely recommend the stop for the kiddo's. Viviana loved the walk and looking around for the animals. You can buy food to feed some of the animals including fish and flamingo's which is really fun for the children to interact with.

This isn't a huge area so the walk isn't bad for young children. We had our backpack for Viviana in case she didn't wan't to walk anymore. There is plenty of room to bring strollers as well. We just really like our backpack carrier and it's rated for her until she is 40# so we still got a while and it's nicer to pack away than a stroller and she loves to be carried in it.

Viviana wanted to feed the small white birds but she wasn't completely convinced on feeding the flamingo's. Which I don't really blame her, they are a little bit intimidating if you are still a little one.

We got here earlier in their hours and it wasn't full, which was nice because it takes us longer because Viviana likes to walk and we always wanna make sure we can let her adventure.

Great variety of animals to see and a really pretty setting. There is also a place to eat and lots of benches to take a rest if needed.

Enjoy my friends!


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