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Hey! We are the Yoder's

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the blog.

  Glad you are here and thankful for the support. I hope that in me sharing lots of things I could inspire you in some way or encourage you to try new things and reach out to those dreams and goals you may have.

  My name is Karen and I am married to a wonderful man who is my best friend - Mike and we have an almost 2 year old sweet little girl - Viviana Adell. Mike and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year (2022) and my how time has flown by it seems. 

  We live in Northeast Ohio, USA - for all you gardeners that is zone 6a for us, but I stick with 6 to keep me in the sweet spot of freezing temps.

  I have a love for gardening, travel and exciting adventures. I love to write and read in my free time and experiment in the kitchen with new recipes. I also enjoy working out and taking time to care for me as well as finding local and new coffee shops - because I love me a good cup of coffee or a wonderfully crafted coffee drink. 

  I am a full on foodie and will basically try anything once. I love to experience to flavors and with traveling the different foods in each area we travel to. It is truly amazing the different ways to make food and use food even here just spread out in the United States. 

  We just recently bought part of Mike's childhood farm and will be moving this spring sometime and we are really excited to live there and create our home. 

  I encourage you to live your life full and spend it with those you love and cherish all the beautiful moments. Enjoy the simple things and eat some good food. 

Thank you for joining


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