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Sarasota Farmers Market

I had this market on my list of things to see before we even got to Florida. There are great reviews on this market and it is a large market, we easily spent an hour walking through all the vendors. So many things to see and a great variety of things to buy. Lots of fresh food, handmade items, art, coffee, decor and lots of flowers.

I really enjoyed how interactive the vendors were as we walked through. Most of them were very welcoming and that always makes it fun for me. I snagged some delicious strawberries and a cookie for Viviana - there sure is a lot more that would've gone home with me but we didn't have a place with a kitchen so it wasn't ideal to purchase more without knowing where to keep it cold.

They set up in the square of Sarasota and there is plenty of parking among all the surrounding streets and there is a parking garage and other parking areas that you can pay to park as well. But lots of free parking is available.

You can easily do entire grocery hauls here. There are meat vendors, produce vendors, sauce vendors and dessert as well as fresh bread and then flowers for your table - if you're like me anyways, I love to have fresh flowers in our home. I am so excited to have cut flowers this year and just see how everything goes.

I can't believe how quick our vacation time has gone. I will be able to make one more trip to the Sarasota Farmers Market before we head off to a different location in Florida. I am going to do a challenge and see if I can create a meal from the market #marketmeal. I'll have a video on that for you guys.

Have your guys ever been to this market and if you have what did you get here?


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