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A Traveler at Heart

Saying I love to travel doesn't even begin to explain the love for adventure I have.


As we go along I'll be sharing my travels - from the very early days to our most recent trip to the Philippines! Sharing the experiences and places we went, hiked, ate, stayed and everything in between. This my friends is where I dig out all my old journals and find details from each trip. I have to admit sometimes I was way to caught up in the moment to even remember the journal. But hey that is okay! Enjoy it!

There is just something magical and fulfilling about experiencing something new and going places you have never been before. For me it is freeing! I love being at home don't get me wrong, BUT I love to go - anywhere and everywhere. "The world is calling and I must go" is basically me and my husband at heart! Thank you God for our passion for travel!

Wanderlust - A Strong Desire to Travel (this is me 110%)

Some people tell me they don't like to travel and I hope and pray it's not because of fear - because you are missing out on so much! Don't get me wrong - people have different seasons they are going through during their life. Some may say "I don't have money to travel" and to that I would say, if you have a job and you make an income there is a way! You don't have to take expensive trips to experience the places you want to go. I mean those can be nice I'm sure but I would much rather spend the extra on adventures and food and so much more. There are so many and I mean so many inexpensive ways to my friends is chalk full of people who have done it and now share about it. So I'm sorry that isn't an excuse.

Others may say well I like just staying at home or I've never really had a desire to travel...those people right there are in need of some adventure. I have close friends who do not like to come out of their comfort boxes and so when we finally convince them to come with us and keep and open mind and just let all the experiences soak in. They are literally hooked for life.

Getting away also doesn't have to be for a month or even a week - yes those are nice but you can do a weekend if you work a tight job. My saying for everything is "where there is a will, there is a way".

You have no idea what is out there until you.just.go! In some countries companies require their employees to take vacations - like mandatory days they are not allowed to come into work - WHAT - yes that is right, and why we don't have this law in America - I really don't understand. But the truth is those who take a break and unplug come back refreshed and ready to go again. I know that's me when we get back. I'm like okay bring it on!

So what I'm trying to tell you is that travel is possible for everyone! I can't wait to share photos and experiences with you all! There have been lots of trips and so many favorites and places I want to go back and see again.

But I encourage you - try it! And if you need some advice or places to go or anything and I mean anything at all please ask! I would LOVE to help you start or go somewhere new! I love to research - but I also love the spontaneous. Or call a travel agent - a lot of them don't charge you to help you look or book (haha I rhymed there).

I love this quote from Hellen Keller - 'Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all'

Where would you absolutely love to go - what is on that list! Write them down - y'all knew I was gonna say that cause well journaling is life!

If you have never really traveled outside of your home state - and you're afraid - start small. There is nothing wrong with that or if you really feel it, jump in head first and go to a place far away.

From a very young age I traveled - a lot in my opinion but now being older there is so much I wanna see and do - seriously the list is big my friends! Mike and I have so many places we wanna go! And I cannot wait to see them all.

Growing up at home we traveled to Canada every summer for a family vacation and like I mentioned in my first post traveling with horses - to shows and different events.

The year before Mike and I got married we made our first (well my first big trip) Mike and his family traveled a lot more than we did - which is a lot!

We took an RV trip to Seattle, Washington. This trip and all the details I can remember and find in journals will be on my next post.

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Have a blessed day my friends!

Dream Big - Travel Often - Be Bold

(see that middle one - it's there for a reason!)

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