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Health'ier' Pizza Recipe

I have been on a journey of better health for 3 weeks now and it has been amazing and hard but more good than hard. I always took good care of my body but when I had our baby I kinda put it on the back burner and didn't make time to take care of what I was eating and being aware of how much I was eating. Along with not working out on a regular basis all piled up and I gained weight and didn't feel good. I was always bloated it felt like and didn't love what I looked like.

I decided it is time to make a change NOW. Mike is actually doing this with me and I couldn't be more thankful for such a supportive husband who is willing to do this along side me and help encourage me along the way. So in doing this I have cut calories out of my diet and I am trying to stay at a specific amount each day. Which let me tell ya, once you start watching what all you put into your mouth you become really aware of how much you are actually eating in one sitting. Enough was enough. Then I began doing a lot of research on macros and making sure I am not just watching calories but also feeding my body well with the proper amount of protein, fat and carbs.

I am looking at this as a lifestyle change and making sure I am doing things that I can sustain. Once I reach my goal, I'll be adding more calories back to my daily intake and then maintaining that with proper eating and exercise.

Doing this on vacation can be a challenge but since we are staying in homes we figured we would do grocery hauls and cook a lot if not all our food on our own. And it saves a lot of money by not having to eat out all the time.

I found this recipe online and decided since I have been having a craving for pizza I decided to give it a go.

I really liked it, however, there are some things that I would change for sure to make it better. To be honest pizza is kinda open ended food, you can make it with whatever you want, this just ended up being a better option.

Some things I would add/do are:

Garlic to the crust or on the pizza.

Roast the veggies longer so they don't make the center of pizza to wet.

More BBQ in the sauce or on the chicken.

Try it again with mozzarella - I forgot to get some on our grocery trip when we made this.

This recipe is:

4 Servings

448 Calories per serving

27 g protein

11 g fat

54 g carbs


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