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Garden Center Tour

Ah Garden Centers and all their glory! This one especially was a treat. Very clean and very organized with lots and lots of options. We had to stop in and see for ourselves the southern garden center feel. Let's just say it did not disappoint at all. There are so so many options and there are so many more plants that can grow outside (which to us all of these are strictly house plants). I could spend a lot of time in this center for sure and we are probably stopping in again before we leave so I can take some goodies home and maybe some plants if I get really ambitious.

Mike and I always have talked about were we would live once we retire and this is just another reason that it'll probably be in the south somewhere. I love Ohio and all but let's be honest the warm is a lot more my cup of tea.

I really enjoyed some of the planters they had - it gave me some DIY ideas when I get home. Oh and the terra cotta selection!! Wow! So many shapes and sizes, I will definitely be taking some of those home.

We hope to find more centers along our travels like this. Shout out to the team there, they did an exceptional job at maintaining everything, it is a very beautiful center and man did it give me garden fever! Can't wait to get home and stick my hand in some soil and get started soon!

Let me know if you have visited this center and if you did what were your thoughts.


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