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Settling In {Creating Our Home}

Hey friends - welcome to my blog! Thanks for joining.

A little update, we have officially moved into our house and are now going to spend time settling in and organizing. 🎉

This has been quite the journey of patience for us all, but God has shown us ways to enjoy everything in the midst of what felt like chaos in some moments. We sold our home in March of this year and then made the transition of purchasing our new property after we closed on our home. Little did we know the process would be a little more lengthy than we would've hoped. This property is actually part of the original 100 acre farm that Mike's (my husband) Grandfather owned back in the day. Mike's parents actually owned 40 acres of it - 20 of which they sold to Mike's older brother and now the other 20 which Mike and I bought this year. His parents build themselves a beautiful little home nestled on a little piece of the property where they can enjoy the slower pace of life as parents and grandparents.

The building process of their home was originally scheduled for move in May 1st and now they have just moved in here in June and not all of the little details in their home are quite finished but we had to transition out of our rental cabin since their were guests on the schedule to arrive who had booked months in advance and we wanted to honor that. Now we have finally all made the transition into our new homes and we are all settling in. I know that it'll take a while for everything to be organized but I am so very grateful to start making this house our home.

The garden is growing and filling in beautifully for this first year. I am so excited to see what all comes from this beautiful space we have created. It has been my place of tranquility in the midst of transition. I have always been thankful for my garden but this year it has filled me more than I would've imagined.

Thank you for joining the blog and if you follow along on YouTube, I greatly appreciate the support. I have lots of dreams for the future but I try to take a step at a time.

I hope you have a blessed and wonderful week!


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