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My inspiration to blog.

Write what should not be forgotten

I love encouraging others and giving them words they need to inspire them and to motivate them! I love seeing people light up when you compliment them or acknowledge them for something they do or have done.

Also my love for writing has always been evident by my many journals filled up with word of encouragement, travels and so much more. There is something about putting your thoughts and words down on paper and for me it's a freeing feeling. I've struggled with the whole not being able to say how I feel or speak up and I honestly believe God helped me work through that by journaling and writing!

I find quiet time in my life (which is hard to do sometimes) to sit down and write how I feel or something encouraging I read or heard. I write about my day and back before I could voice my feelings, I wrote letters or notes to help and you know what's funny is how when I would finish writing a letter for someone, I would actually be able to talk to that person instead. It's almost as if the act of writing instilled confidence to speak. So yes probably most of the blogs posts I write are already partially on paper - because that is where I capture my thoughts.

This may not relate to all of you, but my hope is it does to someone and gives you the ability to say what you need. One of my favorite things to do is sit down on a sunny day and write or draw. Everywhere I go I always have a journal or a sketchbook. I write about what I did or saw or sometimes I'll just draw.

Words are powerful and I want to encourage you that if you are going through something hard or even an amazing time in your life. Write it down. It is amazing how you can feel and it's so much fun to read back through memories, like reading a book.

My hope is to inspire you in some way to live a big, bold and beautiful life! To bring those dreams and gifts each and everyone of you have out, so that you can live your life to the absolute fullest!

So if you never have I challenge you and even those of you who do write to add some journal entries. Find a good spot, listen to music, whatever you need and grab a pen and go for it. Write down your feelings, about your day, your dreams and goals. There is just something about putting things on paper and how it can make you feel!

I hope you have an absolutely amazing week!!

Let me know what you you love to write? Is this something you want to give a go? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Yes! Definitely going to start doing this more. I used to do it all the time, but the older and more busy i get I lose track! Gonna have to find the time to write down my dreams and goals!


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