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Life in Seasons

I believe that throughout the journey of our lives we pass through different seasons. I recently heard an amazing message about how God created everything in seasons.

Springtime Blooms

Explaining how God is a gardener and so when He created all we see and then created us, we each have seasons like Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. I really had this on my heart lately - because I absolutely love love love Springtime! It always reminds me of a time of renewal! Fresh life and new beginnings. So I thought this would be so amazing to share.

I want to describe the thoughts and descriptions of each season and how they can relate to our lives and the place we may be at the moment. And how when we align our hearts with God, it aligns the seasons to our journey. I always think all things come and all things go. This relates perfectly to seasons. Spring comes but spring also goes to brings Summer to life. But to have a Summer you need Spring and Winter and Autumn - each brings what is needed for the next. How amazing it is - how they all intertwine and need each of them.


A time to clean out the old and make room for new (growth, bloom and flourish) New beginnings, new ideas and a feeling of refresh.


The warmth and heart of the year. A time of maturing power. Time of light (long lasting days) Vitality


Harvest time. Thanksgiving and a time of preparation for the winter. Sometimes feels busy with prep. A time for thankfulness - this is where all the work is seen in our labors from the year and we get to take in all our bounty. Colors change and pull strength inward.


Life is still. Silent. Time of looking inward. Allowing you mind to quiet and a time to still the soul. Purity and Clarification.

Think of yourself as a tree - God wants you to grow, but in order to grow you will go through periods of growth, bloom, pruning and nurturing. Each as important as the other. I always think of plants and especially trees. I remember a time when we were out in the California Red Woods. How massive and strong those trees look. Then I pause and think wow, how in the world are they so big. And if you look at old trees - the ones that have stood steady through years of weather and seasons. I think of Ohio, how trees go through heat and cold and rain and sunshine. But they have developed strong powerful roots to withstand and the ones that have the strongest root system are the ones that survive and stand tall above the others. We have been given a choice to either follow God's plan or go our own way and I know if I would choose my own way - change would not be a big part at all - I would stay in spring forever. But this won't work - because all that comes, will to pass. So me trying to keep myself in a comfortable favorite place will not work and I will spend more effort working agains the next seasons than I will embracing them. So I choose to follow God's plan and spend time in my relationship with Him to prepare me for what is to come next.

I encourage you to look at your life are you fighting against the seasonal change or are you allowing God to take the reigns and build you for each part.


Just like cleaning our homes, there is a necessity for spiritual spring cleaning. I have taken some notes from different messages and books and things that I have wrote down to share with you.

Find a place to be open and quiet to speak to God and open up the windows to let out the dust and old and bring in new fresh air and energy.

Go through this list and allow yourself some soul reviving spring cleaning.

-What are you responsible for?

-What do you need to get rid of - clutter, dust, cobwebs that have been hanging on, like worry and fear.

-Plant something new (dreams, goals, new hobbies, etc.)

-What did you "plant" last year that did really good? A retreat, conference, vacation?

-Remove old leaves - giving room fro new sprouts to grow.

-Clean out the gutters - allowing constant flow of God's word and love in our life without blockage

-Scrubbing every corner and the hard to reach areas.

When we take time to do things like this in the springtime - we bring fresh life into our lives. Getting ready to bloom and grow for harvest in the fall. How amazing does it feel when you finished cleaning your home - this is equally as satisfying for the soul.

Be intentional

Intentional with things

Intentional with people

Intentional with you relationship with God

In all things - be intentional

What are some things that you love about spring time?

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