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Hi - I'm Karen and this is a little about me ♡

Wedding Time ♡

So a little about me.

My parents grew up Amish and they got married Amish. Most of my extended family is still Amish - so I still talk Pennsylvania Dutch some German and English. Around me being 2 years old my parents left the Amish church and joined a Mennonite church. I will explain more of growing up around Amish and Mennonite in later posts. (It's a lot to talk about). Anyway I have 3 siblings - I'm the oldest and then I have a sister who is now married, and I also have 2 brothers.

I was mennonite for most of my childhood and growing up into getting married for the first 3 years of our marriage. Being mennonite meant that I wore skirts and dresses. We always wore our hair back or in braids and makeup and nail polish was kind of frowned upon, and getting your ears pierced (yeah NO). It was somewhat strict as far as what you could wear and how you were expected to do things. However my childhood was the best! We lived in the country and even though we moved a couple times we always lived in the country, so we got to play outside for hours. I will always remember the log home we lived in. We lived close to the woods and owned over 20 acres so we had lots of room to ride four wheelers and ride bike. We also trained horses - so we had riding horses and we didn't just learn to ride regular standard horses we also rode draft horses (like Clydesdales and Percheron horses). I wasn't really a fan of the taking care of horses but I did enjoy riding. My sister however was the horse person for sure!

Back then we also rode our bikes on the roads, since we lived on back roads. All the neighbors looked out for each other and we were really good friends with the neighborhood kids. We were kind of spoiled in a good way (meaning we still had chores and worked and helped around the house and barn, but we had lots of toys and things to do). And if we didn't listen yeah we got punished but we learned quickly what to do and not to do. Sometimes that didn't stop us from doing things mom frowned upon. Like climbing up the sides of the log home where the logs criss crossed. Or climbing out the third story windows and sitting on the roof (3 stories up) YIKES. Or jumping off the porch onto the trampoline over 15 feet high. And since we had a barn you know we jumped out of the hay loft into the hay pile and swung from ropes hanging up in the rafters. Haha o the good old days! Those make for some of the best memories!

Every summer we would take a trip to a lake in Canada for 2 or 3 weeks and we loved every single minute of it. We went fishing and swimming and played with new kids we met every year. I love to look through pictures from those days! We traveled a lot for the most part - since we had horses we also traveled to shows and sales. Which may be why I love traveling so much.

So we moved 3 times before I met Mike. We actually had rented a house from his parents for a little bit before my parents finished paperwork for the home they bought. Which is how I met Mike. Our families were really good friends and we would hang out a lot and I can distinctly remember the first time I saw him and I was this little teenager like melting with a crush for him. So funny story - remember how I said I didn't really like horses well I volunteered to help in his parents barn because I knew I would run into him there. Yes doing the silly things to get to be together. Then he started showing up more and more and we'd play basketball in the barn and sit and talk for hours.

Well it was a bit of a rough patch for us when we started dating. Remember his family is Amish and he's wanting to date a Mennonite girl - yeah that wasn't taken so well. Which I understand because as a parent you want your kids to follow your way of life. But as time went on they saw how happy we were together and things changed for the better.

Mike proposed to me in October of 2011 and we got married in May of 2012. I had just turned 20, so yeah we were young. But I wouldn't change it for anything. He is my best friend and my soulmate and I can't thank God enough for him ♡ We are celebrating out 7 year anniversary in May of this year, and I just have to sit and think how time has flown by!

A lot has changed since we got married. We now have our own business and that has opened the opportunity for me to work from home which is such a blessing and now starting this blog!

We are not considered "mennonite". Like I said above I'll save that for another time. We attend a local church with people we love and who inspire us. God has definitely taken us on a journey of faith through a lot of our marriage, to lead us to where we are now. And I am so thankful for all the experiences, because it has molded Mike and I into who we are now.

We LOVE to travel!! If you know me - you know this! But in reality the experiences from travel are so amazing and experiencing new cultures is so eye opening. Mike is a private pilot and so we actually bought our own plane. And before y'all freak out over that being expensive - it's like buying a car I promise. Well the plane we have anyway. Now like a jet yeah that is expensive. But hey someday hopefully - DREAM BIG - We try and take weekends and go to new places and the aviation world is so awesome! We fly into little airports and borrow a car and go explore. If you have ever thought of getting your license and you're on the fence - DO IT - it is so worth it. I hope to someday have mine as well.

We have two puppies - Pixel and Piper who have their own Instagram Page @pixel_and_piper . If you want some adorable puppy pics in your life ☺︎ They are hilarious little Frenchies and we LOVE them!

Like I said before we live in the country and are renovating a lot of the outside around the house so everything is a mess but after mess comes beauty. I say that to myself to keep my mind from freaking out over the mess. I'll share the story of how we found our home in the future! Because it makes me cry and is such a God given gift and I just love to share it.

So yes I love to travel, and eat new food so I'll basically eat anything which in turn makes me need to work out so I do at home workouts and Crossfit which I love. Being outside is my favorite and basically working on the house. I am pretty daring - I mean not nearly like my hubby but he has definitely helped me be open to trying new things.

That somewhat sums up my life a little bit - so for those of you who don't know me, you can relate some more to who I am. There is a lot of detail in between and I hope to touch a lot of those in the future but that should do it for now.

I hope you have an absolutely amazing day!!



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Thanks for sharing that! You have a very enjoyable writing style; can hardly wait to read the next installment. 🙂

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